Silva not impressed with Overeem’s performance

The Strikeforce promotion’s heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem, didn’t impress his next opponent Antonio Silva in his MMA fight against Fabricio Werdum. Overeem wasn’t as impressive as many had hoped, choosing to stay away from Werdum’s dangerous ground game.

Overeem’s decision to stay away from the ground was definitely a wise one, and Werdum proved that point in the final seconds of the fight.

Silva made his opinion known while talking to reporters after the event.

“I told you before, if I beat Fedor, I would win this tournament,” Silva said at a post-fight conference. “I promised my fans, I promised my family, and I’m going to win this tournament. I actually feel Overeem respected Werdum a lot, and he didn’t do as much as he could but I expected more and I didn’t see too much. I respect Overeem, but I’m going to train hard. I’m going to train for three rounds, hard. I know I can knock out this guy. I can fight standup, fight on the ground — believe me.”

Silva does have a legitimate reason to be confident about his upcoming MMA fight with Overeem. Overeem’s striking didn’t look as sharp as MMA fans have come to expect, and Werdum was able to land clean punches on the champion.

Overeem also had problems sticking to his game plan down the road, getting careless as the MMA fight went on and trying his luck against Werdum’s dangerous guard.

Silva displayed his grappling skills in his win over Fedor Emelianenko, taking the MMA legend to the ground and dominating him there. Silva’s size makes him a good matchup for Overeem, and he definitely has enough power to finish off the current champion.

Given Overeem’s body of work in 2010, he’s still the favorite in the matchup. Overeem will need to return to his previous form if he wants to get past Antonio Silva in the semi-finals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament.

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