Strikeforce Challenger 14 results

The Strikeforce challenger 14 event turned out to be a decent MMA fight card, with every single fight besides the main event ending before the final bell. Here are the results for the Strikeforce challenger 14 MMA fight event which took place in Austin Texas.

Pat Healy defeats Lyle Beerbohm

The main event of the evening was an entertaining MMA fight that went the full distance. Beerbohm came out strong and seemed to the more imposing fighter. Healy was able to withstand Beerbohm’s initial assault. He turned the fight around in the second round and ended up pulling off the unanimous decision.

Carlo Prater defeats Bryan Travers

Prater immediately takes Travers down and secures a tight anaconda choke. The entire MMA fight only lasts 38 seconds.

Ryan Couture defeats Lee Higgins

Couture second MMA fight was significantly tougher than his first. Couture seemed to be the better MMA fighter, dominating Higgins in both the striking and grappling department. Couture finally secures a rear-naked choke and forces the tap in the final minutes of the final round.

Ryan Larson defeats Erik Apple

For a moment it seemed like Apple had no problems defending against Larson’s takedown attempts. Larson eventually scores a takedown, and dominates Apple on the ground. Larson eventually ends the MMA fight in the second round with a triangle choke from back control.

David Douglas defeats Nick Gonzalez

Douglas jumps all over Gonzales, never giving Gonzales a chance to recover. Douglas rushes Gonzales to the floor and finishes him off with a rear-naked choke.

Aaron Franco defeats Ousmane Thomas Diagne

Franco takes Diagne to the ground early in the MMA fight, but is unable to pass his opponents guard. Diagne goes for an ankle lock, and Franco uses the opportunity to improve his position. He secures the mount and finishes the MMA fight with some brutal ground and pound.

Drew Pendleton defeats Dennis Dombrow

Pendleton looks good at first, taking Dombrow to the ground and punishing him. Dombrow eventually gets back on his feet, catching Pendleton a few times with punches of his own. Dombrow continues to dominate the striking in the second round. He gets careless on a takedown attempt and finds himself trapped in a guillotine choke.

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