Thiago Alves set to welcome undefeated Abedi at UFC 138

Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Thiago Alves will have the daunting task of welcoming highly touted undefeated MMA fighter Papy “Makambo” Abedi at UFC 138, scheduled for November 5 in Birmingham, England.

Abedi has been impressive so far in his career, finishing all but one of his eight professional MMA fights. Even though Abedi has competed as a middleweight in his previous MMA fights, he will be making his UFC debut in the welterweight division.

Abedi will undoubtedly be in for a tough MMA fight when he steps into the Octagon against Alves. Even though Alves has lost three of his last four MMA fights, it’s worthwhile to note that two of those losses were to current welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and top contender Jon Fitch.

Thiago definitely still has a lot of fight in him, and Abedi will be in for a very tough UFC debut. In terms of skills, Abedi actually has the tools to deal with Thiago at UFC 138, but has never faced a top level MMA fighter. Experience will be Thiago’s biggest asset when the two MMA fighters meet inside the Octagon.

The UFC didn’t do Abedi any favors by giving him such a tough matchup in his debut fight, but the rising MMA fighter was wise to take the fight. Abedi is relatively new in MMA with only eight fights under his belt, and a loss to a top caliber fighter like Alves won’t be damaging to his career. If he somehow manages to win the fight, he’ll immediately solidify himself as one of the promotion’s top welterweights. While it might not seem obvious at first, all the pressure at UFC 138 will be on Thiago Alves.

The MMA fight between the two will probably be closer than some might think, but in the end Thiago should be able to put Abedi away. The UFC 138 fight between the two will give MMA fans an opportunity to evaluate Abedi’s skills, and judge for themselves if the “Makambo” hype is for real.

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