Three Thoughts on the Premiere Episode of the Ultimate Fighter Live

The UFC’s first broadcast of the “Ultimate Fighter Live” wasn’t too shabby, but there’s definitely some room for improvement. Still, it’s safe to say the UFC’s premier on FX was a success. And just like the original “Ultimate Fighter” series on Spike TV, I’m sure it’ll only get better with time. Here are a few thoughts on the premier episode of the “Ultimate Fighter Live.”

1. Poor officiating

The referees dropped the ball a few times, stopping a couple of fights prematurely. Sam Sicilia and Chris Tickle would probably have won their fights regardless, but I don’t think either of their opponents got a fair chance to recover.

2. Dana White needs to leave the commentating to the pros

The commentary during the inaugural episode of the “Ultimate Fighter” on FX was extremely awkward, with many moments of complete silence. Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz actually did a decent job – considering the fact they’re MMA fighters not commentators, but I thought White’s presence was completely unnecessary. I know Dana likes to get his TV time. But the show will be better served with a real commentator, who can suavely fill up the awkward silences, while Cruz and Faber offer MMA fans their insights.

3. One five minute round format worked

With obvious time constraints, the UFC wisely decided to go with a one five minute round format, and it seemed to bring out the best in a majority of the fighters. The one round format coupled with a $5,000 finish bonus gave the fighters a certain sense of urgency, thus making a majority of the fights pretty entertaining.

I don’t think the UFC won over any new fans with the premier episode of the “Ultimate Fighter Live,” but they did do enough to satisfy hardcore fans. The production seemed a little amateurish, but I’m sure they learn from their mistakes.

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