Timothy Bradley Confident He’ll Dethrone Manny Pacquiao

Undefeated Timothy Bradley will be up for a tough challenge, when he faces WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao on June 9.

Bradley is the underdog going into the fight, but his confidence is as high as ever. He’s a 100 percent certain he’ll be victorious when the two square up at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

“I truly believe it’s going to be an easy fight,” Bradley said in an interview with Chris Robinson. “I’m not saying that Pacquiao is going to lay down or whatever, but I just think that what I bring to the ring, I think it’s going to make it extremely hard for him. I know what Pacquiao likes to do. I think everybody knows what he likes to do. But I think with my style alone and my ability and my way to be able to adjust in the ring, I think that’s going to be a handful in itself. … And then, on top of that, you’ve got my speed, you got my power, you got my determination on top of that.”

Under normal circumstances, Bradley’s chances would be slim against Pacquiao, but things are a little different this time around.

For one, Manny Pacquiao wasn’t particularly impressive in his last outing against Juan Manuel Marquez, escaping with a controversial majority decision. Pacquiao’s legal woes haven’t helped, and his training camp hasn’t been drama free either, with strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza recently leaving to go train with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Given Pacquiao’s many problems, I don’t expect him to be at his very best when he squares up against Timothy Bradley on June 9. We’ll have to wait and see to find out if Bradley is good enough to capitalize on the champs’ weakened condition, but I do expect a very competitive fight.

“It’s going to be easy work for me,” Bradley added. “I’m younger, I have less miles on my body, I’m very smart, I’ve captured three world championships. Manny Pacquiao is human just like I am; he bleeds just like I do.”


Chris Robinson, “Bradley: I Truly Believe Pacquiao Will Be an Easy Fight!

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