Top 5 Knockouts in MMA History

Knockouts are a frequent occurrence in the sport of MMA, and there have been some pretty impressive ones over the years. Here are the top 5 knockout in the history of MMA

5. Quinton Jackson KO’s Ricardo Arona

Rampage changed the way the triangle choke is taught in many BJJ schools around the world, by viciously slamming Arona to the canvas to escape the triangle at “PRIDE – Critical Countdown 2004.” Thanks to Rampage, many BJJ practitioners now instinctively hook their opponents’ legs when trying to secure a triangle choke from guard-bottom.

4. Yves Edwards KO’s Josh Thompson

Many hardcore MMA fans can still remember Yves’ devastating head-kick from behind against Thompson at UFC 49. After taking Thompson’s back while standing, Yves did the unexpected and fired a kick at his opponent’s head. The kick landed flush, sending Thompson to the ground, and a few more punches ended his night.

3. Tyler Bryan and Shaun Parker KO each other

Double knockouts occur once in a while in video games, and MMA fans got a rare treat when Bryan and Parker met inside the cage at LOF 25. Both men simultaneously caught each other with right hooks, knocking each other out cold. Guest referee Shonie Carter’s reaction to the knockout made it even more exciting.

4. Jose Aldo KO’s Cub Swanson

Flying knees are always exciting, but Aldo went even further, catching Swanson with a double-flying knee at WEC 41. To make it even better for Aldo, the double-flying knee earned him a shot at the WEC’s lightweight title, and the rest is history.

5. Anderson Silva KO’s Forrest Griffin

Coming into the fight against Griffin at UFC 101, many felt Silva wasn’t being aggressive enough inside the Octagon. Silva answered his critics with an impressive performance against Griffin at UFC 101, completely outclassing him, before finishing him with a jab. It wasn’t the most devastating knockout in the world, but it was the most skillful knockout ever performed inside the Octagon.

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