Top 5 MMA fighters in the world right now

A lot has gone on in the sport of MMA recently and it’s about time I revise my pound-for-pound list. Here are the top 5 fighters in MMA right now.

1. Anderson Silva

No argument need here, Silva has already immortalized himself in the sport of MMA and he’ll probably continue doing so until he decides to retire. With 14 straight wins in his career, Silva is without question the best MMA fighter on planet earth. Silva’s arch-rival Chael Sonnen looked good against Brian Stann at UFC 136, and the rematch between the two should be a night to remember.

2. Frankie Edgar

With his impressive performance against Gray Maynard at UFC 136, Edgar is definitely the second best MMA fighter in the world right now. An undersized lightweight, Edgar shocked the MMA community by besting BJ Penn twice. Edgar’s performance at UFC 125 against Maynard was impressive, but his performance in the third encounter between the two MMA fighters was even more impressive, surviving a brutal first round only to win the fight in the fourth.

3. Jon Jones

The current UFC light-heavyweight champion of the world, Jones is yet to be tested inside the Octagon. With the longest reach in the division and continuously improving striking skills, it’s only a matter of time before Jones becomes the best MMA fighter in the world.

4. Georges St. Pierre

Ranked second place on most MMA pound-for pound rankings, I’ve not really been impressed with GSP’s performances recently. Since losing to Matt Serra at UFC 83, GSP has been a lot more conservative inside the Octagon, winning five of his last six MMA fights by unanimous decision. Hopefully, Carlos Condit will be able to bring out the beast in the UFC’s welterweight champion.

5. Jose Aldo

Aldo continues to dominate the featherweight division, successfully defending his belt against Kenny Florian at UFC 136. With a professional record of 20-1, it doesn’t look like Aldo will be giving up his UFC featherweight belt anytime soon.

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