Transnational Boxing Ratings Board: Over the sanctioning bodies

We all know the shameful tale of the sanctioning bodies. We are well familiar with their “unique” and greatly condescending images; to the naked eye these colorful hunks of plastic may actually show some meaning; think about how many times an uneducated friend fearlessly stated “Gee, *insert name here* is really good. Look at all those belts he has!” only to have to listen to you erupt in some illustrative trail of speech only an actual boxing fan could comprehend?

Yeah, we’ve all been there. The shiny belts are undoubtedly an abstruse concept to master. The insidious triangle scheme of using belts to lure money from the fighters and the promoters using the belts to market the fighters works well in many aspects. Lets face it, when you hear Lefoumbou Ngoma, a 9-2 Congo born fighter is a “UBO Light Heavyweight World Champion” it sounds much better than calling him a greatly mispositioned brawler who belongs in a small club in the middle of nowhere.

That’s the idea. Fighters admire their roles as “champions”. Promoters like the promotional opportunity. While this leaves the sanctioning bodies in grace with their new financial window.

Is there anything wrong with this? That’s a matter of personal opinion. Most would nod their heads in saying “yes!” to that very question; but does it even matter? No it doesn’t. The voice of a boxing fan is a quiet one on these sensitive subjects. Why? Because while a die-hard boxing fan may have his (or her) heart in it; the market is for your everyday “casual” observer. You may have about a million people worldwide which spend every single weekend peeled to the sport of boxing. They think, breath, eat, and sleep boxing. The other 7+ billion? Well, if they do care about boxing, these titles can have a heavy influence on their respect of a fighter and his abilities. This is a promotional gold mine.

For years, people have begged for a new solution. An official rankings system, created by people with genuine love for the entire boxing spectrum. These people watch boxing events from small gyms about 40-50 miles from their homes, they view choppy overseas video feeds of domestic bouts between fighters not even relevant in contention, and they do it for little personal gain. Well, that “idea” has official become a reality — meet the Transitional Boxing Rankings Board.

Founded by Tim Starks in October of 2011 the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board was looking to make a revolutionary change in the traditional alphabet titles. The goal of Starks, along with his crew of thirty well-respected international journalists is to make a defining top ten rankings system in the sport of boxing along with ONE official champion per weight class. No bias, no influence, no bribery, no inside work. Just boxing.

As a fond supporter of TBRB I encourage you to look in to their non-profit project. It’s a change for the better. Visit for more information.

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