UFC Fight Night 60 Results: Benson Henderson’s skills pay the bills, earns him RNC in four

Former UFC Lightweight titleholder Benson Henderson made his Welterweight debut tonight, facing off against 11-1 knockout striker Brandon Thatch in Broomfield.

Thatch quickly closed the distance. He spent much of the first round of this UFC Fight Night 60 tilt following Henderson, attempting to land power strikes.

He absorbed some counter punches and kicks for his efforts, but did dwarf Benson Henderson with his massive 6’2 Welterweight frame, and kept him backtracking.

In round two, Henderson continued to prove crafty. He snuck in some kicks and counter punches, but Thatch remained on the front foot.

Benson Henderson gained back positioning in round three. Struggling with stamina as the rounds progressed, Thatch looked vulnerable in round three, but may have still held a lead on the scorecards.

Round four whitewashed it all. Benson Henderson scored a takedown against an exasperated Brandon Thatch. He would soon lock in back position, and press for a rear-naked choke. It was a terrific come-from-behind submission victory in the fourth round, and welterweight debut for Benson Henderson.

At UFC Fight Night 60, Henderson proved he still has the heart of a champion.


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