UFC meets Game of Thrones

The hit TV show “Game of Thrones” is actually a new take on George R. R. Martin’s book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” which happens to be among my collection of favorite books ever written. As a fan of the novels, I also find that I enjoy the HBO series a great deal despite knowing in advance what’s going to happen to each of the characters (fear not, I don’t do spoilers) Similar to Martin’s characters from the novels are the stars of the UFC who constantly prove to be equally as, if not more fascinating. As a result of that thought came my own take on the concept using fighters from the UFC franchise as the different personalities for the main characters which I will now share with you.

Chael Sonnen plays Jamie Lannister
These two men are quite similar in respect to their high level of pampering with one being the heir of the wealthiest man in all the lands and the other being the obvious favorite of the UFC’s highest level of upper management. The “Kingslayer,” as he’s known in the show and Sonnen likewise have in common their dark and troubled past, and a personality that’s surprisingly far more likeable than their sordid history would make you think. There’s a unique sense of honor to be found in both Jamie and Sonnen as well, though it’s quite well hidden to all but the most dedicated and persistent of friends.

Jon Jones plays Stannis Baratheon
Neither of these men are particularly beloved in the eyes of the common folk (in fact downright disliked would be more accurate), however, both seem to be the most dominate and powerful force in their arena. Continuing the comparison of the two personalities, we see that both men project a morally superior attitude that tends to alienate them from the majority of the people. Regardless, neither man seems to be willing to surrender their ambitions and all those foolish enough to cross their paths will find themselves either subservient or 6 feet under.

Ronda Rousey plays Arya Stark
Conventional practices and traditional activities mean absolutely nothing to both of these women who embrace a more self-directed approach to life. Both maintain an impressive temperament and neither has a problem with the concept of violence.

Johny Hendricks plays Jon Snow
While Snow is the actual illegitimate child of the series, Hendricks is essentially the same for the UFC franchise. The result for both is the same; a lower level of regard feeding into a healthy (in size rather than wellbeing) grudge. Thankfully, Hendricks will soon get to vent some of his pent up irritation in a fight with GSP that while not officially scheduled is promised to be upcoming.

Anderson Silva plays Eddard Stark
These men have in common a moral code that shackles them, preventing either from accomplishing all that they could without it. Some of Silva’s other competitors have embraced more aggressive means of getting noticed, but Silva remains hesitant to flaunt himself (at least outside the ring).

Dana White plays Petyr Baelish
The two of these men find their common bond in how they gained their power; forced to rely on their wit and cunning to dominate a world that favored strength and physique above all else. Tactics and strategy come naturally to these two, making it difficult to defeat them or to determine fact from fiction.

Chris Weidman plays Rob Stark
Both men are poised to take on the most challenging opponent in their respective arenas despite seeming too fresh for the task. We of course hope for both of them that they give it their best in order to prevent an embarrassing defeat.

Georges St. Pierre plays Loras Tyrell
Despite conquering the welterweight division of the UFC, GSP’s hesitance to take chances makes it a challenge to hold him in as high a regard as other fighters. Likewise Loras is the greatest combatant around, but receives constant criticism for his lack of battlefield experience.

Other renowned competitors like Anderson Silva, BJ Penn and Lyoto Machida have taken that step into the heavier divisions and competitors like Jon Jones and Jose Aldo are enthusiastically moving in that direction. GSP on the other hand has shown little initiative to try out the middleweight division a fact that will not stand as a point in his favor.

Original article by David King

  Rewritten by Chauncey Kent

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