UFC Reinstates Miguel Torres

UFC president Dana White shocked a lot of MMA fans, when he released former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres from the promotion. Torres was released for posting a rape joke, even though other UFC fighters have said more offensive things in the past.

Luckily for Torres, White has had a change of heart, and the 40-4 MMA fighter has been reinstated with the UFC.

“If a rape van was called a surprise van more women wouldn’t mind going for rides in them. Everyone likes surprises,” was the tweet that got Torres released from the promotion.

I personally felt releasing Torres was a bit harsh, and I’m glad the UFC has decided to give him a second shot.

Without a question, the UFC’s new deal with Fox has put its fighters under tighter scrutiny, and it’s up to the White and its officials to stand up for their guys.

White also had a controversial tweet of his own, and I’m sure that helped him put things into perspective. White was responding to a heckler on Tweeter, who wrote. “A Dana assisnation would be great! He could be your [expletive] marter.”

White responded with a jab of him own, “Learn how to spell dummy!! Assassination!!! The one you spelled is what must have happened to you in prison.”

While it isn’t the type of language you would expect from the CEO of a billion dollar organization, the controversy that followed White’s tweet was completely uncalled for.

Hopefully the UFC president will be more patient with his fighters going forward, instead of policing every single word they say.

MMA has gone a lot way without the mainstream media, and a small part of me feels the deal with FOX might end up ruining the product. As a long time fan of MMA, I can confidently say that the people, who throw down 50 bucks to watch a UFC event, don’t want to see their favorite fighters turn into politically correct zombies.

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