What’s next for Anderson Silva?

With his complete destruction of Yushin Okami at UFC 134, MMA fans are wondering what lies ahead for the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Leading up to his UFC 134 fight against Silva, many thought Okami would be able to implement a Chael Sonnen like strategy against the MMA legend. Okami, who is known for his solid wrestling skills (also regarded by most MMA fighters as the strongest middleweight in the UFC), had no luck utilizing any such game plan.

At UFC 134, it became clear rather quickly than Silva wasn’t making an excuse when he blamed his performance against Chael Sonnen on a rib injury. Silva had no problems keeping the fight standing, where it was clear who the better MMA fighter was.

With Silva’s incredible performance in Brazil, the UFC is now forced with the tough task of finding a worthy opponent for the pound-for-pound king. Sonnen seems like the obvious choice, but I’ll be shocked if the Portland native makes it past the first round against Silva. Besides Sonnen still has to face Brain Stann at UFC 136, and a win isn’t exactly guaranteed.

Some MMA fans want to see a Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre super-fight, but I doubt it would be a competitive match. Silva is simply bigger, faster, and a whole lot more dangerous than the UFC’s welterweight champion, whose chin has been suspect in the past.

Jon Jones is another option for Silva, but that wouldn’t be fair to the UFC’s youngest champion. I personally would rather see Jones go through all the big-names in the UFC’s light-heavyweight division, before the promotion’s matchmakers even think of a fight against Silva.

The reality is that there isn’t an MMA fighter alive that can compare to Anderson Silva. Watching Silva evade Okami’s punches with head movement and footwork, while hitting the Japanese MMA fighter at will, it was rather obvious I was watching the best fighter in the history of the sport. Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Kenny Florian, who filled in for Joe Rogan at UFC 134, got it right when he called Silva MMA’s Muhammad Ali.

MMA still has a long way to go, but when it’s all said and done, people in the farthest corners of the world will probably be familiar with the name Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

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