What’s next for Nick Diaz?

With Nick Diaz’ entertaining all out battle against Paul Daley, many are wondering what the folks at Zuffa have planned next for the entertaining fighter. Diaz has been very successful fighting for the Strikeforce MMA promotion. Diaz’s only loss ever since leaving the UFC was due to cuts suffered in his title fight against former Elite XC lightweight champion KJ Noons. Since his loss to Noons, Diaz has won 10 straight fights, with wins over well respected MMA fighters like Frank Shamrock.

With Zuffa’s acquisition of the Strikeforce promotion, Diaz will probably end up fighting on future UFC MMA fight cards. Diaz is as entertaining as it gets in MMA, always ready to step into the cage against the best.

It’s really no surprise Diaz has been very successful in the past five years. The Caesar Gracie student has always been dangerous on the ground, and his boxing is one of the best in MMA. His heart is unquestionable, much like his work ethic. Like Floyd Mayweather in boxing, Nick Diaz is proving that Villains can be good for the sport of MMA. Diaz doesn’t waste any time trying to suck up to MMA fans or fight promoters, he simply brings his best to every fight.

Diaz’s only weaknesses in his earlier fights were his wrestling skills and the fact he seemed to get cut rather easily. After losing his lightweight title match against Noons, Diaz had surgery to reduce the probability of him suffering cuts in his future fights. His wrestling has improved over the years, and Diaz might just be ready for current UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

For now, Diaz will have to watch while his teammate Jake Shields gets the first shot at the current UFC welterweight champion. Shields and GSP will meet at the UFC 129 MMA fight event, scheduled for April 30. If Shields wins the welterweight title, Diaz will then have no incentive to compete for the UFC belt. The two teammates have already indicated they are not interested in fighting one another, then again, Jon Jones and Rashad Evans said the same thing.

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