Where to watch UFC 130 online

Watching UFC events online has gotten increasingly easier over the past few years, thanks to Dana White’s efforts to reach a wider audience. For starters, you don’t have to worry about paying for any untelevised preliminary fights, since they will all be streamed live on Facebook. All you need to do is “like” the UFC on Facebook and you’ll be granted access to the untelevised fights live. It’s no surprise the UFC continues to use Facebook as a platform to promote their services since the website gives the UFC access to one of the largest audiences on the web.

The MMA fights on the main card are also available online directly from the promotion at UFC.tv for $44.99. Some of the benefits of purchasing the pay-per-view directly from the UFC include the ability to control camera angles, as well as audio feeds. UFC President Dana White seemed confident live streams from the promotion’s network will be the future of the company’s pay-per-view events. UFC 130 will also be available live on Yahoo! Sports, for $44.95. The UFC will also allow fans to purchase their event from smaller websites like MMAfighting.com.

You can also stream UFC 130 straight to your iPhone. Some have complained about bugs in the phone’s UFC application, but the option can be very convenient for MMA fans on the go.

As always, there will be websites spread around the internet that will stream the main event online for free. White has vowed the UFC will continue fighting online piracy, a problem that has plagued the promotion over the years. White told reporters earlier in the year:

“You’ve got to understand, all this stuff is brand new. Even when the music thing happened with Napster and all that stuff, if I take your song and let people download the song, the song isn’t ruined. People still want to hear that song or the album or whatever it is. When our event gets stolen, it’s dead. It’s over. You know the results. A live event is different than anything else.”

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