Winkeljohn Calls Chael Sonnen a Coward, Defends Jon Jones

While many in the MMA community have lashed out at Jon Jones because of his decision to decline a Sept. 1 bout against Chael Sonnen, “Bones'” trainers remain adamant that the UFC light-heavyweight champion made the right decision.

UFC president Dana White blamed Jones for the cancellation of the entire UFC 151 fight, fueling the backlash against the champ.

Mike Winkeljohn – Jones’ striking coach, came to his defense during a recent interview. Winkeljohn has his suspicions about the entire UFC 151 fiasco. And he thinks it’s was an attempt by the UFC to put the youngest champion in its history in a compromising position.

“How long has Chael Sonnen been attacking Jon in the media and why? Hmm. He’s a man known for moneymaking schemes and cheating by bending the rules,” Winklejohn said. “And he’s done this in various arenas. I think Chael played almost everyone like a fiddle. But I believe like a coward he tried to train and strike Jon when Jon wasn’t looking. But hey, Jon is a warrior, and he – actually we – saw it coming. All I can say to Chael is nice try.”

Winkeljohn certainly has a valid point, considering the fact it appears Henderson injured his knee about three week ago. Sonnen and Henderson are training partners, so it’s not irrational to think the “American Gangster” knew about “Hendo’s” situation and the opportunity to face Jones at UFC 151, long before the former Strikeforce champion officially pulled out. Sonnen’s recent Twitter attacks on the light-heavyweight champ makes it easier to believe that theory.

Jones has already stated that he doesn’t mind fighting Chael Sonnen on Sept. 22, but the Portland native and the UFC’s brass are yet to respond to the offer.

Even though many seem to think Jones chickened out by not accepting the UFC’s offer to fight Sonnen on Sept. 1, I’m sure most strategists in the world would agree with his decision. While fans lashed out at Jones for his decision, The 24 year-old posted a very interesting quote on his Twitter account.

“And therefore those skilled in war bring the enemy to the field of battle and are not brought there by him – Sun Tzu,” Jones’ tweeted.

Jones might be the number one villain in MMA right now, but I’m sure he finds some comfort in the fact that one of the greatest strategist in human history would have agreed with his decision.


Mike Searson, “Coach Mike Winkeljohn: Jones would be motivated to beat up on Chael…

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