Zuffa extends medical coverage for MMA fighters

The most powerful entity in the sport of MMA, Zuffa, took another big step on May 9, extending the insurance coverage of around 350 fighters on the UFC and Strikeforce roster. From now on, injuries suffered during training and other unforeseen accidents will now be covered by Zuffa.

Prior to the announcement, Zuffa only provided medical insurance for injuries sustained during their MMA events. Now, fighters will get medical, life, and dental insurance, something that has been due for quite some time now.

The news will probably be well received by MMA fighters since injuries are a big part of the sport. The news will be especially well received by younger, less-famous MMA fighters who don’t make enough to keep up with the medical bills that come with the sport.

Besides being the right thing to do, the decision to extend the coverage of all their fighters is a smart decision for Zuffa. The UFC has been the ultimate destination for MMA fighters around the world for quite some time now. Given that Zuffa is now the only promotion in the history of MMA, or any other combat sport for that matter, to offer full medical insurance to this many fighters, it’s safe to say they will remain at the very top of the food chain for quite some time now. Who knows? Aspiring fighters who have flirted with the idea of an MMA career might even be more inclined to step into the cage now.

While Zuffa still needs to work on the amount of money MMA fighters get for their hard work, they definitely earn major points with this announcement. Zuffa and the UFC have done a really good job of separating their brand from all other MMA promotions, and this is another solid step in the right direction. UFC President Dana White said it best when talking to reporters:

“As this sport continues to grow, we have been working hard to secure additional insurance coverage so that our athletes can perform at the highest levels. We’re proud to give our athletes access to this type of insurance.”

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